Friday, May 9, 2008

FYF: go eff yourself, San Diego

Good job, Padres. You really are the worst, aren't you? Can't even win one god damn game against the Braves? Worthless. A collection of worthless assholes.

Also your city blows. 'America's Finest City'? More like, 'Mexico's Finest City'.

So besides getting PWNed by the shittiest franchise in sports, what else are you good for? Well let's see, you're good at getting arrested, good at getting nerds whipped up into a frenzy, good at starting blogs and then giving up due to a complete lack of heart, and finally, for having a movie made about you that was funny the first couple times but then gets ruined by having the lines repeated insufferably on terrible internet blogs.

True story: I was walking around San Diego one day and this guy started licking my balls.

You suck it the pieness, Padres. Try to imitate a professional ball club next time you go out there why dontcha? Fucking worthless assholes.

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