Thursday, May 29, 2008

'Stop trippin' over Big Willie's style

Major Media outlets like ESPN and big time blogs like Deadspin (the ESPN of the internets) are all in a froth over the New York 'Mess'. Ho ho ho, the Mets are an out of control trainwreck steaming into Suck City! OMFG, why don't the Mets all just give up and fucking hang themselves!!!

I have a better idea, assholes:
The Mets are currently 4.5 games behind those the Marlins but based on Pythagorean wins they are only a half a game back. Of course they would still be behind the Phillies and Braves based on Pythag wins, but the point is its a long season so take your naysaying and cram it, Leitch.

Also this "WillieWatch" nonsense is starting to piss me off. Rather than add my worthless opinion, I'll just cut and paste Baseball Prospectus' Joe Sheehan's educated science:
Willie Randolph is managing an aging, injury-prone roster that he did not assemble. While he clearly is responsible for some of the Mets’ problems, and he has not acquitted himself well of late, the biggest issues facing the team are the availability and performance of 20 percent of the payroll for an organization that does not have MLB-ready replacements on hand on its bench or in its farm system. Omar Minaya’s gambles on risky players paid off in 2006, but in 2008, they’re losing bets that are the biggest reasons for the Mets’ underachievement. This doesn’t mean he should be fired, either; it does mean that this management team should be permitted to finish what they started, mistakes and all.
Yeah, exactly. Thank you, Joe. So why aren't all you jerks calling for Omar to be fired? He's the one who assembled this collection of overpaid under achievers. At least a certain ESPN of Mets blogs is no longer selling those retarded "In Omar We Trust" t-shirts. God, I hated those fucking shirts.

I think everyone needs to just relax and enjoy this clip of Arnold quotes from the Running Man.

The Running Man was one of my all time favorite movies as a prepubescent loser. I remember desperately requesting my Mom rent the video cassette tape from the old Palmer Video but when she asked one of the video clerks if it was a good movie for kids the stupid jerk told her 'No, it's just 2 hours of Arnold finding clever ways to kill costumed bad guys." Obviously when my Mom told me that I only wanted to see it more, so I did what any kid does when they wanted to watch a movie their parents won't let them. I went to a friend's house whose parents didn't care.

That was also they only way I was going to see the original Terminator movie and Linda Hamilton's awesome bewbies. AND THAT IS WHY ARNOLD IS NUMERO UNO.

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