Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Pumpitude - Cobrastyle

Y'know for a team thats half a game out of first and 3 games over .500 you'd think people would be a lot happier about things. But it seems Mets fans, myself included, are expecting a little more this year. So tough shit Big Willie and Omar, your asses are on the line whether you like it or not.

The Mets did just take a series from the Arizona D-Bags, and whether you believe it or not, they are currently the best team in the NL, so lets change the vibe of our pumpitude enhancement and get things crackin with Robyn and the Teddybears.

You may remember Swedish pop star Robyn from such hits as Show Me Love and some other shit. The Teddybears are a radical synthpop group, also from Sweden. I first heard of Teddybears years ago in Europe when they were still called Teddybears STHLM. How cool does that make me?


So what do those lyrics mean? Whats up with the bear masks? Is Cobrastyle something the Mets want to try? Beats me. All i know is I would totally do Robyn.

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