Friday, May 23, 2008

More a-holes for the suckfest

A two game sweep of the Yanquis is pretty sweet. A four game series sweep BY the Braves is FUCKING AWFUL.

So now Big Will's head is on the proverbial chopping block whether he deserves it or not.

Randolph: "So this kinda sucks."

I'm pretty ambivalent to whether Willie stays or goes. I basically agree that managers in the long run mean fuck all to a team's success. At the same time, Willie's most important job is spin control and dealing with da mejia, and he's been sucking up a big suckstorm lately in that respect. Plus it's a lot easier to fire managers than players. So if the Wilpons deign that it is time for Randolph's head to roll, I won't raise fuss (and I will give credit to Craigers for calling it first).

But either way the Mets are playing like a bunch of assholes at a suckfest convention and it's pissing me right off. Get your shit together assholes. Or just have fun at your big suckfest convention, you fucking assholes.

The Mets don't play the Marlins in Miami until July 28th but I've already got the footage of them checking in to the International Inn for the series (NSFW for awesome swearing).

Have fun and sober Memorial Day weekend, everyone. I won't.

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