Tuesday, May 13, 2008

GMDB sells out: rolls deep in bling, pink

It's time to blow this blog stand and strike out for greener pastures. I've graduated to the big show! Later sk8ers, so long, suckuhs!!!

Actually no, I won't be quitting my retarded, mutant love-child that is GMDB, I would miss drawing all those veiny penises on MSPaint far too much. What I mean to say is that the the respectable and thoroughly enjoyable Mets blog-of-record, Flushing University has stupefyingly asked me to contribute a weekly column, to which I obviously agreed to do.

So I'll still be here most of the time with the same old 3rd grade level of discourse (apologies to any FU readers who have found there way here. And yes, it gets worse), the only difference is personally I will be doing more expensive, trendier drugs and will no longer pay for sex.

But in all seriousness, if you bizarrely read this site and aren't aware of Flushing University, please check it out immediately. They have any amazing collection of talent writing for them that I scarcely add to, some real heavyweights in the Mets Blogosphere, and I'm pretty stoked to be part of it.

They (er, we?) also have the best daily Mets feature, by far, on the 'net, the incomparable Mack Attack. I am totally serial, guys, the Mack Attack is legit. Rekanize.

Ok, fanboy fawning aside, in other site news, I will be out of town and away from computers from today until the 23rd and there will be no posts here in the meantime (tho the Flushing U column will run) Doing what? Glad you ask, building homes in Katrina ravaged St. Bernard's Parish. Why? Because I am such a good person, of course. Haha, no its because I want to tell women that in hopes that it will increase their likelihood of sleeping with me.

Wish me luck!

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Coop said...

Hey K I was on the faculty of FU last year so enjoy - it was fun, then my day job got in the way of things. Shyeah!