Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to properly convey your displeasure with Willie Randolph

I would like address issue of Willie Randolph's performance as the New York Mets' team manager. It all reminds me of the humorous story of the traveling salesman.

So lets say that the average Mets fan is a farmer, and Willie Randolph is a salesman. Well the farmer says, "You can spend the night in my barn, but do me a favor and don't stick your wiener into any of the three holes in the wall."

And in this case, the salesman's wiener represents the Mets fans' money.

So Willie Randolph, like the salesman, can't help himself, and sticks is wiener in the first hole and it feels good. He sticks is wiener in the second hole and it feels even better. He sticks his wiener in the third hole and it hurts like hell and it won't let go!

Well in the morning, the farmer comes out and he explains: Behind the first hole was my wife, behind the second hole was my daughter, and behind the third hole was an automatic milking machine that doesn't shut off until it gets fifty gallons!

Gentleman, I propose that Willie Randolph's performance as a manager is like an automatic milking machine, and unless we terminate his contract immediately its going to rip our dicks right off!

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