Friday, June 6, 2008


Holy crap, what the hell? Apologies to anyone who was annoyed by the lack of posts going on lately, but some serious shit has been going on lately, culminating in Virginia Dominion Power not being able to turn my power back on for the last 48 hours. Man did that suck it the dick, though I did need an excuse to clean out my rancid, disease infested frigidaire.

Didn't miss much in the way of Mets news, unless you consider Big Willie Style NOT getting fired news. Otherwise, our boys are still struggling to keep there heads above .500 like a bunch of assholes drowning in a suckfest. Good job assholes, keep up the sucking.

I'd like to now go on cursing Smoltziepoo's name as a wish him a speedy recover from shoulder surgery so he can use both hands to properly fist Satan once I send him to hell, but I'm going to need more time to for a proper post on that subject. Stay tuned.

As a peace offering to make up for lost time, here is a youtube clip of a bunch of people falling down a hill like a bunch of crazy idiots.

And here is a cartoon I did about the Tragical Romance of Romeo & Juliet. It's so fucking sweet, its a fucking masterpiece not just for our time, but for fuckin all time, bro.

And his is a video clip of 'Small Victory' by America's greatest rock band, Faith No More. Small Victory, huh? Kind of like when my elbow brushes up against the boob of a hot chick at a crowded bar. Hey, I'll take what I can get, man.

Great, good talk, good times, now lets booze.

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