Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GMDB EXCLUSIVE: Rick Peterson is an evil robot bent on destorying all mankind

We all know by now that the Mets front office has more leaks than an R. Kelly home video, and it is through one of these ill advised tinkles from a Mets executive that GMDB has learned the truth about why Mets pitching Rick Peterson was fired.

Rick Peterson is evil robot who seeks the destruction of the human race!!!!

Posing as a human being in manners and appearance, Rick Peterson is part of a second generation of evil robots, known as 'skin jobs', who were created to infiltrate all segments of society and then bring about it's extinction.

Omar Minaya acknowledged Peterson's exemplary record as a pitching coach and noted that his job as pitching coach in no way contributed to the 'collapse' of 2007. However, despite Minaya's wishes to keep Peterson around after the decision to fire Met's manager Willie Randolph was made, after learning of his true origins and evil plans, Minaya had no choice but to terminate Peterson's relationship with the Mets.

GMDB's front office source also gave us a never before scene video of the meeting Minaya had with Peterson when he broke the news to the embattling pitching coach/evil robot, seen below.

Peterson was last seen orbiting the Andromeda Galaxy while evil robot rescue ships search for what they hope will be salvageable remains.

When GMDB correspondent 'Dave' asked fellow evil robot, HAL 9000, for comment the following exchange was recorded.

GMDB will continue to keep you updated with any news to this breaking story.


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Anonymous said...

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Rickey Henderson said...

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