Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I feel like taking a very very very uncontroversial position on Red Sox Nation. I WANT THEM TO SHUT UP.

Red Sox Nation is a fucking stupid concept that I've written a little about here, and then tried to get asshole sox fan to comment about here (yes, I am go sox go and made that post).

I've also gotten into a debate (I use that word very loosely here) about it on Craiger's blog here. And thats what pisses me off the most. The fact that lots of RSNers see themselves as better than other fans, and not deserving of hate from other groups of fans. Fuck that, they are worse. Accept it, deal with it, enjoy your World Series rings AND SHUT UP ASSHOLES.

A lot of Mets fan will sympathize with Sox fans because they also hate the Yankees and see them as an allay in that regard. Well I hate the Yankees (though much less than some Mets fans) and find their fans obnoxious, but I live in DC, where there are literally millions of New Englanders who have fled their shitty states and they pack themselves into bars and chant like morons and generally fucking suck. I have never seen a showing like that from Yankee fans. But you know what, fuck the Yankees too, I'm not writing this blog to make friends.

Check out this post from With Leather and tell me all Red Sox AND Yankee fans shouldn't ALL drown in a lake. A lake made up of whale vomit and human period blood.

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