Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stan Gable does not approve

Rob Neyer is probably my favorite baseball writer. Hell, probably my favorite sports writer period. He's the reason I got in to Sabermatricianship, he's the reason I keep my stupid ESPN Insider subscription active (because it's certainly not for the piece of shit, mail box clogging magazine), he's the reason I have that oily discharge sometimes (haha -psyche- I made that last one up).

But even I am not immune to getting riled up when Robbie Rob Rob dumps on the Mets. Here's what the flanneled stat head said recently:
Over their last 162 games the Mets are 82-80. Yes, it's cherry-picking. While 162 is not an arbitrary numbers, it's little more indicative than 142 (72-70) or 182 (90-92). But you know, 182 games is a fair number of games. The Mets are two games under .500 in their last 182 games. That means something, doesn't it? Bad luck? Maybe. But over those same 182 games the Mets have scored 868 runs and they've allowed 869 runs. Exactly the profile of a .500 team. Over 182 games. That means something doesn't it. And yet the organization just rolls merrily along with the same manager and the same general manager. If I were a Mets fan I would be leading a revolt in the streets. (Actually, I would be hoping that someone else would lead a revolt that I could follow, at a safe distance.)
This all may be true, however, I do have one thing I would like to say in rebuttal:

Oh, by the way, nerd, I got a math equation for you. Maybe you can tell me, what's the square root of 'i'm gonna kick your ass'?


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