Monday, April 21, 2008

I'll take it

Almost the sweep. But we've seen that in April before and it caused a bit of premature celebration that its just as well we don't repeat this year. We've won 7 of the last 10 and need to focus on tonights prime time match up of John 'Rock you like a Hurri-' Maine v Carlos 'No the good' Zambrano. To get pumped, lets listen to Isreal's Son by Silverchair.

Did you know Silverchair is still around and touring? I didn't. But this video is from a live concert in 2006, so I guess theres still some Silverchair-heads out there. As there should be. Frogstomp was gnarly.

Obviously the person who is 'late for their execution' is Carlos Zambrano, who the Mets shall crucify tonight.

Totally random bonus feature:

If anyone is in for a good laugh, listen to Hilary's Duff's exhilarating dance track Beat of My Heart, only change the lyrics every time she says 'the beat of my heart' to the 'the smell of my farts,' but leave all the other lyrics the same. It is hiLARious. trust me.

Oh how you will laugh.

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Goob Pistol said...

Well played sir, while this song doesn't hold a candle to "see you again" by Miley Cyrus, you're modified version is excellent.