Friday, April 18, 2008

FYF: um, i'm not really that pissed off right now!

I don't really have an FYF for today. A series sweep, even to the lowly Nats, will do that to a mood. Altho maybe I'll give a fuck you to the stupid school of Chaminade in Long Island, alma mater to yesterday's opposing starting moundsman (all time favorite term for a pitcher) John Lannan, as well as our very own Monstupolous Milo (aka Shea Stadium). Oh and Bill O'Reilly.

Chamanade is a dumb ass private school full of dorky FLIDS that was built on a former airport runway so they call themselves the Flyers. L A M E. They are also St. Anthony's bitch and the 12th best football player on their 1999 football team couldn't even play 4 years for a crappy DIII college team. Check it out, these guys are from Long Island too:

Right, anyway, now that I've got that hatred warmed up, let's look at a couple other things that are pissing me off.

1) Omar fucked it up with Ruben Gotay. Instead of keeping him on the roster, Omar decided to expose Gotay, a good, young, cheap athlete, to waivers, where he was quickly snatched up by the butt head Bravos. This in and of itself is not so egregious until you look at the turd Omar decided was indisposable. Brady Clark, an old piece of crap that was never very good. This guy sucks. Why keep him, Omar? Because you need another outfielder and Ruben is an infielder? Like Gotay couldn't play the outfield as good as Clark. You fucked it up Omar, and now you're going to pay. Grrrrr....

2) Omar also fucked it up by signing Luis Castillo to a 4 year deal. I'm not really trying to hate on Castillo, but this contract is asking for truble. Castillo is on the wrong side of 30 and his game relies solely on his speed. He is a little gimpy and will only get gimpier as the plays further into his contract. Once Castillo's legs die for good, he will be worthless as a ball player. Also he's currently last on the team in WPA (ie, so far in this short season he has been the least clutch player on the team). That's TWO strikes Omar. You now have TWO strikes, and NO BALLS.

3) Pedro Martinez is a dick and his injury is a bunch of bullshit. I can understand when his rotator cuff tore. He's a pitcher, its an occupational hazard and it sucks, but he got the injury doing his job. But a hamstring injury? Didn't you have gym class in the Domincan? Well ok, maybe not, but I had it in New Jersey, and the first fucking thing you learn is that proper stretching prevents injuries. Stretch your fucking hammies out next time, asshole! And stop telling the Spanish press that you're going to be back earlier than what the team doctors think. Eventually that shit gets translated and circulated through the English speaking world, dummy! You are just talking out your ass and probably won't ever pitch for the Mets again. You're making 14 million dollars this year! And you're making me so mad!!!!

Wait, what am I getting so worked up about? God's chosen vessel is here in America. His presence is a soothing balm that softens the inner rankles of my soul. I thank you, your eminence, for gracing us with your righteous glory.

Robocop is love.


rockyourface said...

Yeah, I would think Pete Martin could find some time to stretch the hammies in between cock fights.

Shea Stadium said...

Stavish never beat me out for a position

Ken Dynamo said...

stavish may have gotten to play more, but who got to call in the defensive signals from the field huh? who got that prestigious responsibility? thats what i thot, fuck chaminade.