Friday, April 4, 2008

F You Friday: Timmy Pudson

Tim Hudson's biggest crimes against humanity are merely being the Braves' starter for their season opener against the Mets and appropriating a name that should be reserved solely for rivers that run by the greatest city in the world and its titular explorers. Other than that, Timothy hasn't done all that much to engender any deep burning hatred from me. But being a Brave is still enough, so fuck 'em.

I also found this tee-rarded picture of Hudson on the internets.

I'd also like to extend a reverse FYF to Mike Hampton. Hamtonzofun is by far my favorite Brave. Not only did he give the second best year of his career to the Mets in (2000: 217 innings of 142+ ERA) but he's spent most of the rest of his career since sabotaging the Braves rotation. The list of injuries he's suffered is laughable. Hah! That list indeed tickles my funny bone!

Hamtone hasn't pitched since 2005 and by the end of this season the Braves will have paid him $48.5 million samolians in 6 years for a grand total of 72 starts, plus whatever he's able to pitch this year, if he ever comes back from his current stint on the DL. Mike Hampton literally got rich by screwing over the Braves. That is totally my dream job.

Game time is 7:05 p.m - now lets fucking do this Mr. Maine, shall we?


Super Johan said...

Hey I really like your blog and posts about New York. What do you think about my blog in Mets Magic Team?

John Brattain said...


Well, this certainly explains your dislike of Bill Baer and his blog eh? ;-)

As to the Pujols nomination, there's a small problem...

"I’m going to try to keep writers and bloggers nominated for this award to a minimum (lest every blog post somebody disagrees with results in a submission)."

I'm guessing your nomination may have been more of a personal nature than a legitimate failure of Baer and his blog.

On the bright side--at least you know that yours won't get a "Luis" due to a disgruntled Phillies/Braves/Marlins/Nats fan nominating your succinctly named blog.

C'est la guerre.

Best Regards


Coop said...

Can we do an FU Friday to delgado. I really hate him.

Ken Dynamo said...

hey super johan - mets magic team is incredibly dope - keep it up my man.

hi john - nice to see you here. nothing personal about my desire to to stop seeing links to crashburnalley in your otherwise very enjoyable THT articles. i think objectively bill's blog c'est la merde (sorry if my canadian is a litte rusty). but no worries if anyone wants to nominate GMDB for a luis. it's this blog's policy to support disgruntled fandom of all varieties.

and yeah coop, delgado need to bounce back in a huge way. if blows again this year he just may earn himself an FYF on account of that 16mil he's getting paid to hit .225

NYBBNUT said...

See, I knew Hudson wore lipstick and wears women's undergarments!!! That ad is proof. Smotzie is into S&M as I will prove on my blog soon.