Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Introducing the Newest GMDB Member

In the beginning, life was good. Everyone was complacent and all were happy. Then one fateful morning a stir arose in the blogosphere. Rumors spread about the coming of someone called "Adebisi." We were told of his amazing writing talents, and affinity for breaking down MLB box scores. He stood 10 ft tall and shot lightning bolts from his eyes and fireballs from his arse. We all trembled with fear at the coming of this demigod.

Flash forward. Alex Rodriguez's wife is wearing inappropriate shirts to Yankee games, the Mets are 4 games up on the Braves, Mets playoff probabilities near 75%, David Eckstein and Darin Erstad are BOTH injured (gritty/hustletastic, my ass!), the All-Star game beckons, the trade deadline looms, the Brewers have the best record in the NL, the Red Sox might actually win the AL East, the Phillies have been outscored by 11 runs, Barry Bonds is about to break (cough, steroids, cough) one of sports' most hallowed records, Frank Thomas has already hit 500 HR, 4 more players may get there before October... Only one blogger could DARE comment appropriately on all these concurrent MLB stories.

He comes from Nigeria, by way of the US Penal System. Straight out of Oz, I GIVE YOU....

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