Monday, July 2, 2007

Interleague sucks... for the Braves

Every year since interleague play started the Mets have played the Yankees 6 times, and every year (except this one) the Yankees have been one of the best teams in baseball.

This year, The RedSox are one of the best teams in baseball who the Braves had to play 6 times and only now is interleague all the sudden considered a national travesty.

Waa waa boo hoo. Where was Dave Studeman's righteous campaign all those other years when the Mets were getting screwed? And we're still the only team that plays every playoff team of '06 in the regular season. I'm glad interleague play is finally screwing someone else over. Good for interleague play. Good for stupid whiney Chipper Jones and his impossible schedule. Go to hell you stupid prick.

Speaking of whiners, Big Pud is no longer talking to the press because is a big dummy. Of course the press is going to write shit about you, Paulie; you're an idiot who makes asinine comments and your personal life is a mess. John Peterson does a good job explaining my thoughts in detail, here and here, which is good because I'm lazy and would rather just call him a clown and be done with it.

Anyways, time to beat the Roxzorz and their ugly uniforms. And keep those playoff probabilities moving up.


Ken Dynamo said...

well, doesnt look like we're beating the r0xz0rz tonight. Glavine: woof!

Rory B. Bellows said...

UGH- freaking Glavine, man. When the Mets hit he doesn't pitch well and when he pitches well, the Mets don't hit.

Also, this interleague complaining is so completely bogus. The Mets have gotten screwed on it for years, yet nobody complains. All of a sudden it hurts the Atlanta Hicktropolitans and it's a federal case?! What the F?!?!

Rory B. Bellows said...

Oh- final note. Dynamo, great use of the term playoff "probabilities" instead of playoff "possibilities." It's these small votes of confidence that really make a difference in a long season. With a few more insertions of awesomeness like that, we might be able to makeup for our 1B who sucks amazingly right now.