Friday, July 20, 2007


Mon Aug 27-Thur Aug 30 Mets at Phillies (Atlantic City is a mere 45 mins ride from Citizen's Bank Park)

Fri Aug 31-Sun Sep 2 Mets at Braves (Braves recently unveiled $60 seats all you can eat and drink, beer included)

Airtran has 3 way flights between Philly->Atl->Newark for around $250

Fri Sep 7 & Sat Sep 8- Mets vs. Hou back home at Shea

Sun Sep 9- Jets vs. Pats- Opening Day at Meadowlands (I'll be pouring out a cold one for Shea Stadium who will miss his first opener in many years... I'll also be pouring a glass of Ken Dynamo's urine onto Tom Brady. Yeah, it is a little weird that I keep a glass of Dynamo's urine around, I admit.)

Mon Sep 10- Rory B. Bellows starts his job at the law firm of Tankard, Lee & Quips

Approx Fri Sep 14- Rory B. Bellows gets served with papers relating to his battery of Tom Brady (yes, pouring urine on someone would be considered a battery in most states)

This confluence of events happens once, maybe twice in a lifetime... as Homer Simpson once said, "All right, brain. You don't like me and I don't like you, but let's just do this and I can get back to killing you with beer."


Simon Adebisi said...

Tom Brady is a dreamy megastar. Hopefully your season tickets will provide you a great view of Randy Moss mooning the crowd after his 4th TD of the day.

PS - I start work the same day.

rockyourface said...

A) You can probably dispense with keeping a cup of Ken's urine on hand, and just come ring out his mattress whenever you are in need.

B) I wish you the best of luck in hitting Mr. Brady with said urine.

Ken Dynamo said...

i hope your first day at the firm is more than my first day when we both got summer jobs at the mall. we partied the night before and i spent the first 4 hours in the of work literally crapping my ass off. ---
GMDB SHEA DAY 2K7 in T-minus 5 days.

Anonymous said...

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