Sunday, July 1, 2007

HOF Players Around the AL East

I started thinking today, which current team has the most future Hall of Famers on it, and then thought, "Hmm- I'm hungry. I should order some food." So after eating broccoli with garlic sauce I decided to take a blog-o-riffic run through MLB rosters (but then it took me just under an hour to get through the AL East, so I decided to stop there) and here are my results.

AL East:
Red Sox:
Schilling- IN. He's a sure thing, by virtue of his K total. 213 W, 3.46 ERA,, 3086 K's/707 BB. I've always liked Schilling, fake-bloody-sock or not. The most interesting/best thing Schilling ever did were his various open letters to the public during the 2002 offseason and after 9/11. Personally I remember that his 2002 letters got posted online about 10 minutes before I had class (Principles of Logic- hey it was a good way to meet underclassmen girls as a junior in college; sadly being the "ace" of a mediocre Division III baseball team didn't impress the ladies as much as say, the base of a kicker's dong.) I printed out his letters cribbed them in my notebook during class and read them while my prof droned on about syllogisms.

Ramirez- IN. 481 HR as of now. He should hit 500 by the end of the year and that's an automatic. Also- he pisses in the Green Monster and went to HS in Washington Heights, which is kinda cool. Thus he's in. More for the pissing than the HR, but either way.

Ortiz- OUT. 244 HR and he's 31 years old. He'd have to go on an HR tear akin to what Bonds did after Balco/Anderson/Steroids/etc...

Blue Jays:
Thomas- IN. 500 HR

Clemens- IN. Unfortunately.

Rivera- IN. 423 Saves, and he's been just an all-around stud for his whole career.

Pettitte- OUT. I say he's got a shot though. 190 wins, 35 years old. He'd need to pitch for a LOOOOOOONG time, but it's not completely out of the question. Hopefully, the Lord will keep him healthy and pitching for the Evil Empire for years to come.

Mussina- OUT. But another guy with a shot. 243 wins, 38 years old. Looks like he needs 5 years to get to 300 wins, and I don't think he has 5 years left.

Posada- OUT. Nuff said here.

Giambi- OUT. 357 HR, 36 y/o. Looks to me like he's going to need 4-5 years to reach 500 HR, and I don't think he's going to get there.

Damon- OUT. 2019 H, 33 y/o. He'll need 7 healthy years to get to 3000, and I don't think he's got that in him.

A-Rod- IN. 492 HR 31 y/o. This guy's just awesome

Jeter- IN. 2255 H, 33 y/o. Also, he's from Pequannock, NJ so that's worth a few votes from the BBWAA.

Tejada- OUT. 1671 H, 247 HR, 31 y/o. I don't think he's going to hit any of the magic numbers.

Crawford- OUT. 896 H, 25 y/o.

Kazmir- OUT. 27 W, 23 y/o.

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