Monday, February 25, 2008

Yadier Molina is a son of a son of a bitch

Went to Will Leitch's book signing in Georgetown last Thursday (yes, last Thursday, timeliness is not the hallmark of GMDB). Leitch was entertaining for the most part, except for when re-enacted the interview he did using members from the audience (which was comprised of 90% dork, my self included). That was painful. It's tough to give the appearance a fair review, though, because I was so god damn hungry the entire time and all I could think about was getting a grilled panini and pastry from the in-store cafe that was visible directly across from where we were sitting.

So anyway, when it was my turn to get my book autographed, I asked Leitch to write something about the Mets and this is what I got.

Should have seen it coming considering this is what he emailed me after the Mets swept the Cardinals in the 2007 season opener (I had emailed him first with an anonymous taunt).

But yeah, the stupid fucking Cardnials aside, it was nice to see sports blog royalty in person. Now I just have to meet he guy behind this and my life will be complete.

Oh and Robocop is back with another adventure if you're interested in that kind of thing.


Rory B. Bellows said...

Uhhh... speaking of blog royalty- check the editor of the consumerist (the best consumer reports-type blog around).

Sound familiar Kenny and Mags? To paraphrase Denny Green, "HE IS WHO YOU THINK HE IS! IF YOU WANNA CROWN HIM, THEN CROWN HIS ASS!"

Ken Dynamo said...

same guy who wore boy scout uniforms to class and whose mom taught my latin classes? small world.

he is now, by far, the most famous person to ever come from our high school. absolutely without exception.

Anonymous said...

The only reason that you want to talk crap about Yadier Molina is because you are a jealous, worthless piece of shit. Go fuck yourself! The onlything you would catch flying toward your face it your own ass!