Friday, February 29, 2008

It's F You Friday!

Happy Leap Day and GMDB's premier of F You Friday. Hopefully I will remember to make a new F You post every Friday afternoon, which will consist of me telling someone who deserves it to f off.

Today, it's who else, The Glav-Dawg.

Tom Glavine is a stupid asshole and I want to get his 'f you' out of the way so I can enjoy the impending start if the season. Glavine put together 4 decent years for the Mets after coming over form the darkside, but it was clear his heart was never in it. And just when it looks like he was finally warming up to New York with his 300th win and totally hot wife, he blows it by tanking the final game of the year, and then resigning with Darth Schuerholz and the stupid Braves. God riddence dickhead.

Here's what I hope happens to Glavine in the near future.

Figuratively, of course.

Anyway, I'm done with you now Glavine. I will enjoy the Schadenfreude when you suck but otherwise you shan't occupy another moment of my valuable time. Jerk.

Please feel free to pass along any suggestions and disagreements for consideration in future installments in F You Friday.

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