Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Spring training is under way, which means its 2008 projections season, too. Fangraphs has the CHONE and Marcel projections for individual players all up and sortable and BP's released their team projections based on Nate Silver's PECOTA system. As most any reasonable person with a modicum of common season could have also predicted, the Mets are heavy favorites to win the NL East. 10 wins ahead of the Bravos and 12 in front of the Phillzies. Of course, dim-witted, unattractive Phillies bloggers may still try to convince you that the Mets are only slight favorites, but you'd be better off ignoring anything stated by Phillie fans as they are all inveterate liars anyway.

There is also some animated back and forth going on the intertubes between Philly fans and Mets fans as reported over at Metsblog. Most dastardly is news that a Facebook group as been formed to organzie by Phillies fan to plan a take over of Shea Stadium!

OH NOS!!!1

As I have written before (too lazy to do anymore links), Phillies fans are a collective of unhousebroken slobs. It is a fact that there are more gothic fonted stomach tatoos per capita in Philadelphia than anywhere in the world. But regardless, I say bring it on, because here's what will happen:

Oh whatever, I'm sure it was consensual.

By the way, Mr. Met, would you mind doing your Kool-Aid guy impression for me?

Nice, thanks, bro.

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