Friday, February 22, 2008

Secret agent Stan Kastan?

More proof that Glavine was a two timing, four flushing, backstabbing sonofabitch!

Quote from former President of the Atlanta Braves, Stan Kasten, as reported by Bugs and Cranks:

I called [Tom] the first day you could talk to free agents and said listen, dude, you gotta go back to the Braves. And he said, “Yeah?”

Irrefutable proof! Look at the way Glavine answers! He knew the whole time he was going back to Atlanta. He fucking knew!


Bill B. said...

I'm surprised Mets fans are more angry at Glavine leaving than pitching that awful, awful 162nd game of the season that pretty much wrapped up the division title for the Phillies by the end of the first inning.

Ken Dynamo said...

thank you for bringing back that memory, bill. i had almost forgotten but im glad you reminded me of it. how thoughtful of you. yet another good reason to hope tom glavine gets raped by a gorilla.