Monday, June 25, 2007

Clown Town Beat Down

Lo Duca was suspended for 2 games for for his temper tantrum last Saturday during the Athlesticles game. He'll appeal and end up missing only one game. Lo Duca chalked the whole thing up to his "good Italian temper."

Here is what I chalk it up to:

Big Pud is an insufferable clown and I am sick of his bullshit. He is a disgrace to Italian culture, which really is saying a lot when you think about it. If you can look at this asshole and see anything but a mornic ass hat then you are also retarded.

I still begrudgingly root for the Pudster when he's playing but I'm sorry to say that he is an over rated joke and this little episode was the last straw for me. If this waste of sperm and egg is back next year, me and Omar are going to have problems.


Rory B. Bellows said...

DYNAMO...RELAX! LoDuca is fine. He's slightly overpaid, but he's among the top 15 catchers in the game. There happen to be a lot of young, good catchers right now, however LoDuca is fine. He makes $6.25MM this year, and will be gone after the season (at least at that price. If you can get him back for $3-4MM it's a steal.

Look at the other guys out there, none of them are all that appealing (except for the two on the Bravos- G-DDAMMITT!)

Dave Magadan said...

Yeah, Lo Duca is okay in my book, that book being the Old Testament.

Rory B. Bellows said...

Ok- on second thought, this is the graph I should've been looking at:

and LoDuca's unplayably bad at the MLB level. I guess the best I can say is that he's not going to single-handedly kill the Mets. At least LoDuca at his best still isn't very good, whereas Delgado at his best is a stud. Thus we need Delgado to play better.

But WOW. LoDuca's really bad... you're right and I stand corrected.

Ken Dynamo said...

sorry guys, i cant take lo duca anymore. i dont mind him so much as a role player helping out the line up when he can squirt a grounder thru the infield, but its his whole attitude and the idiots that worship him. he makes mets fan look like simpletons. so i will continue to root for him when hes wearing blue and orange but if we cant find something better for next year i am going to be disappointed.