Thursday, November 13, 2008

Phillie fans are brutal savages. I have proof.

The video on this page contains proof for what we all know to be true: Phillie fans are brutal, sub-human savages. Gaze in wonder as some little Philly fan girl takes the windshield of a news van and beats it the fuck in with her little foot, then a huge ass cop takes her ankle and beats it the fuck in with his huge ass nightstick. Then the Phillie fans start chanting 'fuck the police'. God damn savages in that town. Seriously, if you ever find a Phillie fan who has not dined on human flesh in the last 24 hours you have found a rare beast indeed.

These maniacs should be put to sleep, f'real.

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Philly Sucks (formerly Anonymous Sucks) said...

Holy shit, I bet that cunt wasn't even a real Philly fan. Imagine the damage one of those fucking cocksuckers would've caused. Bunch of fucking savages, I haven't seen so many people in red acting so badly since the last time I was at a Bloods rally.