Friday, November 7, 2008

Folks, what are we going to do about Luis Castillo?

When Omar made traded for Luis Castillo in the midst of the 2007 season, the general reaction in Metsland was a collective, 'Meh.' It paled in comparison to the ruckus raised by the Braves' Teixeira deal, but all the Mets gave up were, uh.... some fucking guy and, uh.... some other fucking guy, so no big whoop.

The following offseason, Omar rewarded Castillo pedestrian half season prefomance with a four year, $25m contract, beating out probably no one for the privilege of having Castillo's services at second base for the next 4 years.

What the fuck man. One of Castillo's leg's is shorter than the other. That's fucked up. He walks around like Grandpa Biff Tanner. Crag Brown at THT explains the boneheaded signing with science (thanks to AA for the link).

So I ask you: folks, what are we going to do about Luis Castillo?

In other news, I've been criticized for more often then not making jokes at the expense of the homosexual community. Well, let it not be said that I am now still no longer a friend to the gays.

What I mean is I recently bought this CD:because, I mean, well just look at it. It's amazing. Anyway, I googled what the shit it's all about and its defintiley a huge, ass-themed, gay club in Times Square that decided to put out an album of terrible, terrible house music. I mean this CD sucks. I guess if you're downing vodka-GHB cocktails all night a bunch of lame ass bleeps and bloops with no decernible hooks or melodies is what you're in to, but, christ this was boring.

So yeah, check me out, supporting New York's GLBTs. I hope you enjoyed my 8 bucks, assmen. That's two Miller Lite's I won't be enjoying this weekend.

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Anonymous Sucks said...

It's LBGTQ now. I guess the Q stands for "queer" but isn't that already fucking covered by the other four? Fuckin' a.

Castillo is fucking garbage nd further reason to believe Minaya is fucking overrated. Although Luis does come in handy for double anal penetration on Philly Fan's moms.