Friday, January 23, 2009

We are all Cardinals fans now

I know it sounds weird to say, but it's true. How unbearable would things be of the Phillies AND the Eagles we simultaneous champions? It would fuckin suck bro, shit.

I always knew Kurt Warner was good for something. Now go home, McNARB, and eat your fuckin soup.

Not speaking of soup but pissing me off lately is Keith Fuckin Law. I enjoy reading what Klawman has to say about baseball very much, especially his ESPN chats, but his bullshit on his personal blog is really getting annoying.

Part of Keith's charm is that his seeming omniscience and utter contempt for those who don't know as much as him. Someone will have some dumb idea about the evaluation of a ballplayer and Klaw will shred him. It's fun. Even when he strays beyond his ken, like his post on the hypothetical mount Rapmore, and looks stupid, its still all in good fun.

Then Law goes ahead and trashes Watchmen and it gets personal.

The prejudice critique Law offers is so far beyond the pale it's embarrassing. The only thing I agree with is that no rankings of novels should include a comic book. It's like if Keith included a soccer player into his list of top 100 prospects. They're two different media (although Law would erroneously call comics a genre). Besides that correct assertion, nearly everything Law says about Watchmen is objectively wrong. I'm too lazy to go into to detail (just as it appears Keith was too lazy to actually read the book), so I'll just leave it with this: if that's what Law considers serious criticism then I think it's safe to say that every other critique he's made is also total bullshit as well (I wouldn't know, I never read any of those faggy books he has).

So anyway, very disappointing, Keith. I'll still read you on ESPN but your personal blog sucks a hairy bean bag. Get a fucking clue for once why don't you?

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Philly Sucks said...

Red Sox Nation gets a well deserved bad rep, but Philly fans are fucking atrocious. I love how they win the series and now they're acting like they've won more rings than the Yankees and Cardinals combined. The only thing the Phillies have in common with the Yankees is that they smoke gigantic black hog on a daily basis.

Fuck you Philly, you're a second rate town of fucking losers.