Tuesday, October 28, 2008

C'mon Rays, you stupid Rays!

Thanks to the shitty weather in Philadelphia (I can't think of a good derogatory pun for Philadelphia, by the way. Just another thing that infuriates me about that city), the stupid jagov Phillies are about as close as you can be to winning a world series without actually being in the middle of a game. We have the stupid jagov Rays to thank for this. Thanks a lot Rays, you assholes. Hey, they're just like the 69 Mets, except they are going to fucking blow it like chumps instead of being champions like the Mets!

All this makes me think of how absurd it is that basebal teams pop champagne and wildly celebrate after winning each series. How fucking retarded is that? And because they celebrated advacing to the finals only to now be on the brink of choking like jackasses, I am forced to take picture of the Rays celebrating and MS Paint in a bunch of penis to make them all look gay.

Sorry Rays, you brought this on yourselves. Link not safe for work, dummies.

In a mostly unrelated note, did anyone watch last Sunday's Entourage? I still watch it, even though it's boring, predictable and totally retarded, but this week's episode shockingly takes the cake (the cake made of shit). None of the characters in Entourage ever deal with conflicts or suffer consequences yet never before have the lazy, inept writers ever been so blatant as to actually have the group acknowledge that, after a whole season of dramatic post twists and turns, absolutley nothing has changed by the end. "Well Ari's back to being an agent, Vince is a rich movie star and everyone in the audiance just completely wasted their time caring about what happens in ever episode in this show's history. Haha, fuck you stupid tv viewer!"

I'm also sick of Ari's constant gay bashing of Lloyd yet his adament refusual to include the word faggot in his increasingly contrived insults. Seriously, why is that word so taboo? Saying Lloyd has to clean the cum out of his eyes so he can see better is fine but saying, 'Shut up, Lloyd, you faggot,' would be over the line? How does that make sense?

In conclusion, I too would like to be jerked off by Meadow Soprano.

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