Tuesday, February 10, 2009

shut up, turds

ooooooh, A-Rod used steroids. well who the fuck didn't? why is anyone still pretending like people care if baseball players used steroids in the 90's and 00's WHEN THE DIDN'T FUCKING TEST FOR IT?

So far the only people I can tell who are upset are boring sports writers. I mean these people are so boring, it's really no surprise newspaper's are fucked. Here is some boring piece of crap I read in the Washington Post today. Hey dude, shut up.

Oh look, stupid Boswell wants to give his boring opinion too. Hey, Boswell, check this out: shut up.

Oh and hey boring writers, every chug caffeinated beverages to help stay up late so you could hand in one of your boring ass stories? Oh you have? Wonderful, now fucking enough about stupid a-rod and god damn steroids.


Oh and to answer Phillysucks' question about who would I rather eat dinner with, Big Pud or Shane Victorino, provided that bodily harm to either party is strickly prohibited, I believe I would pick Big Pud. I would pretend like I was Big Pud's friend and then I would go to bars with him and cock block him all night long.

Say, all of that reminds me, by the way, that Philadelphia is a festing bowl of dog snot. Do you think they would make a movie about AIDS and call it New York? No, no they wouldn't.


Philly Sucks said...

I disagree with you on two points. First the Steroids. I'll tell you why. Fuck ARod, any chance I get to point my finger at the Yankees and laugh I'll take it. I'm a hypocrite though because if you find evidence that one of my favorites was a roid monkey (Todd Hundley, anyone?) I'll still cheer for them. Any egg on the face of the Yankees is good enough to me, even if that fuck Lupica gets a column out of it.

Second, I agree with your choice of dinner partner. But there's no fucking way in Hell you could cockblock Lo Duca. Well maybe you could at a bar where people are supposed to be of age, but you get that guy to a high school dance and he's a magnet for underage pussy.

As always, total agreement as per Philadelphia. Last night Rocky Balboa was one and knowing that it's a Philly story took a lot of fun out of it. Here'sto hoping that net season the Mets will play Ivan Drago to the Phillies Apollo Creed. And by that I mean I hope the Mets kill the Phillies, literally.

Also, fuck that 300 lb cocksucker Mike Francesa.

GM-Carson said...

Great site name!

Over the next few weeks WSBGM's will be breaking down each of the NL East teams' rosters. First on the docket is the infield (outfield, rotation, and bullpen to follow). There's a poll to vote on the best NL East infield following the breakdown of each teams' players.

Link: http://pabaseball.blogspot.com/2009/02/nl-east-infields.html

Give it a link if you like it...thanks.