Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dumb Trade?

It was if you listen to moronical Braves fans. Here's what Holty08 said on Talking Chop:

Ladies and gentlemen I swear that the addition of Santana is nothing but hype for a guy that is nothing more that just that hype. Everyone in the free world has been building up this guy like he is the second-coming or something. What does one or two maybe three good years make a career in the majors and decide whether you should be in the hall of fame?? Forget Santana the Braves and Phillies are still the front runners in the east and the the Braves have the best shot. Sorry Met fans but hey don't worry win over 90-100 plus games and collaspe the last three weeks of the season like you did last year and gift wrapped the division for the Phillies whom had no business in the playoffs as we all saw. Who else is on the Mets pitching staff and whom do they have in the minors as far as major league ready starters????? I rest my case.

I rest my case, hah! This guy cracks me up. To be fair, there are plenty of miserable Braves fans that recognize that this trade gives the Mets a huge advantage, in 2008 at least. I wasn't as super psyched as some people were when I heard about this, but reading how miserable it made the rest of the NL East definitely makes it a touchdown slam dunk of an extra point.

In conclusion, my thoughts on this trade can be summed up thusly: Die Braves! Die a thousand deaths from my fists!

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Goob Pistol said...

On the bright side, it looks like Atlantians have a firm grasp of the "who/whom" part of the english language.