Wednesday, January 30, 2008

8 random facts you couldn't care less about!

Sexy Metsblogatrix Coop tagged me on her bad ass mets blog My Summer Family. Coop's got 7 tattoos (any peircing? RAWR!)

So now I have bore you with 8 random facts about me. Hey, who moved into the new high rise Randominiums?

1) one time in college my friend funneled cranberry and vodka and then threw up on the back of his own head!

2) another time in college some chick said 'if y'all play lynard skynard i will strip for you.' So we did, and she did!

3) i got my only fake ID i ever had taken from me by a cop in atlanta. fuck you atlanta!

4) I think Robocop is awesome!

5) one time in college i made a pldge burn a CD that had just one song on it. that song was Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. The pledge then had to listen to that CD on repeat and sing along in the middle of the freshmen quad all afternoon. I dropped periodically to check on him and made sure he was singing.

6) in my first apartment i cut out pictures of polar beers from a national geographic and put them up in the hallway and then posted a sign that said 'Welcome to Polar Bear Alley'

7) one time, for halloween, my friend dressed up as a yeti's pale testicle.

8) My favorite drinks are Miller Lite and Jagermeister.

I think I'm supposed to tag other bloggers now but I i'm shy so i'll just use this as another excuse to link to eric simon's totally dope blog Amazin' Avenue. eric is what we call an educated rapper here in the mets blogosphere. his science is too tight!


Ken Dynamo said...

i just did some more 'research' and apparently this whole 'tagging' phenomenon started as some 'intenet meme' in some other rando blog long long ago. what is an internet meme? beats me, but i think it has something to do with sean connery telling me that now i am the one who is the man now dog.

Shea Stadium said...

I was very disappointed you left out "undo my pants"

The Coop said...

Awesome facts that truly you in the Jager wife beata'? RAWR!! (as you say!). And nope, no piercings...I used to have a belly ring but it closed up once I took it out. And I had multiple ear piercings but I had to take those out too. You know, day job and all. I'm sure I would have admitted that in my 8 facts. BTW this tagging originated with Riding with Rickey. Enjoy!

rockyourface said...

It pleases me greatly to say that I was involved with, or at least witnessed 7 out of the 8 random facts Ken describes in this post. The only one I missed out on was the Atl. incident, since my only experience with Atl. was stopping over there on my way to Bodymore. That was a fun connecting flight.

In sum, I doubt any phillies, braves, or nads bloggers are as great a man as Ken, as proven by this list. Let me just say it has been a pleasure to know Ken, but if anyone ever asks me about any of the above mentioned facts I will disavow any knowledge of them.

In closing, death to Angelos and Snyder sucks.

Ken Dynamo said...

the guy in the jager beater is my friend ryan. it was taken a couple years ago at preakness. ryans been hitting the weight room sicne then so he looks a bit different. now he can bench the entire bar!