Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why the Braves Are Hypocrites

The Braves, who sponsor "Christian Faith Day" as a promotional date, are big hypocrites. Far be it from me to tell a MLB franchise what promotional dates to host, or what players and coaches to hire, but I would say that it seems a mite hypocritical to employ admitted adulterers and wife-beaters on the one hand and then to appeal to their Christian fan base on the other. Hell it seems to me that any appeal to a faith-based fan group would be ill-founded; however an event which might alienate people of other faiths seems particularly egregious in a city with the 11th largest Jewish population in the United States.

Nonetheless, show me the passage in the Bible (new testament or old) that condones adultery and wife-beating. It's been awhile since I read the Good Book cover to cover (yes, in his younger days Rory Bellows spent much time traveling in hotel rooms and thus read the Bible cover to cover), but I don't recall any of the apostles mentioning, "And it came to pass in the 98th year that Moses did strike his wife in the face, and then went to relationship counseling and escaped a jail term." Now I ask you again, why would a team with such Christian values allow Larry to play third base (or outfield or wherever he plays now, hell let's just admit the man is a great hitter, 1.005 OPS, .326 EQA last year, and a terrible fielder, -12 FRAA last year) and Bobby Cox to manage? I'll refrain from even mentioning this man's history as both a drunk and a liar.

So just to recap:

Braves = Bastions of Christian Values
Larry Jones = Adultering Ass Who Named His Kid After Our Stadium
Bobby Cox = Overrated Manager Who Beats His Wife
Rafael Furcal = Liar and Drunk and Not Really Involved in the Argument

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Ken Dynamo said...

rock solid evidence that the braves are all going to straight to hell. those bastards are more damned than the tennesee river valley.