Wednesday, March 28, 2007


With opening day a mere 4 days away, like a stalk of bamboo my boner waxes turgid. You can find sober, objective predictions about the NL East from smart people here. My sage prognostications are here:
  1. Mets 153-9
  2. Marlins 80-83
  3. Phillies 78-86
  4. Braves 30-146
  5. Nats 0-162

You can disagree with my projections but you'd be a fucking asshole if you did. The Metsies are going to be dropping bombs on everybody all year long. The Fish have enough young talent to only keep them from completely sucking. The Phils are over rated clowns. The Braves are buttfucking sonsofbitches, and Triple A jokes give the Crapitals far too much credit.

Lets play some fucking ball god damn it.


rockyourface said...

Like winning 153 games in NL is a big fucking deal? How many times do the Mets get to play the Nats? 19? Well that's 19 games you could win with a team of r-tards with 1 arm and 1 leg each. The National League is the WNBA to the AL's NBA, a vastly inferior product that is unjustly foisted upon as by an asshole commissioner and the media cabal. Makes me sick.

Rory B. Bellows said...

Uhhh- Dynamo? How could the Mets POSSIBLY lose 9 games this year? Did they resign Zambrano or something?

Mr. Iceman said...

162-0 and you can take that to the bank - bitch and ryface is gay.

Anonymous said...

Nice website, douchestick.

Meet the Mets. Greet the Mets. Step right up and BEAT THE METS!

The Mutts are a bunch of cum belching road whores that haven't won shit in 20 years.

David Wright and Jose Reyes pose in seedy magazines wearing some shit that makes them look like gay extras in the movie "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo."

By the way, nice series with the Rockies. Bwahahahaha! Your team sucks perineums and their uniforms looks like someone wrapped an orange in rotten dog placenta.

The Yankees suck this year and they're still bigger news than your glory-hole prostitute squad of hacks.

ABTM: Anyone But The Mets

Ken Dynamo said...

thanks for reading! please email me i want to discuss the braves and mets rivalry with you more. i think you make some excellent points!