Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chris Woodward, Prepare to Taste Farthammer

David Lennon had this little nugget from that turncoat Chris Woodward, in today's Newsday:
"They were the team on top for so long and they want to get back on top," said former Met Chris Woodward, who signed with the Braves this offseason. "These guys are hungry for that. Everyone's kind of ticked off now."
Well, I'll tell you what Chris, I'll get you a spoon and you can eat my ass. You got your playoff share from last year, now shut up and sit your ass back down on that candied, coniferous, Canadian timber that remains brown with the remnants of John Smoltz's egg-salad sandwich on October 19, 1999 (yes, John we all saw you shart your pants in the dugout after Piazza's 2-run shot in the 7th to tie Game 6 at 7).

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