Saturday, September 6, 2008

Die Hurricane Hannah, Greg Dobbs

Yesteday's game can jump up my butt. That was awful. I watched the whole thing. Granted it was in a bar so I also had a sweet sweet beer near by at all times to wash down the bitter failures of the Mets. Brett Myers was mowing down MCs like he was mowing the lawn. He was waxing chumps like a candle. He was punching his wife in the face like a brutal savage. Then Greg fucking Dobbs shows up to plunge the dagger of defeat deep into last vestiges of remaining hope.

Now I have to deal with no baseball this afternoon because of that asshole, Hurrican Hannah. Sunday doubleheaders are fine but not on the NFL's opening weekend. Thankfully my beloved G-Men have allready brutalized the barf inducing pathetic Jim Zorn led colection of idiots known as the Washington Deadskins.

Holy crap I could watch that all day. In fact I think I just did.

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