Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I had a hardon listening to the great Mets fans - all of whom get laid more than stupid redskins fans - chant the hated name of Jimmy Roll of Toilet Paper in a mocking fashion.

Newest Prediction:

Mets: 160 - 2

Braves: (-5,000) - your mother

Redskins: crushed in the Meadowlands by the Green Machine


Rory B. Bellows said...


Did you hear Jets are the Cowboys Thanksgiving day game this year? People are already selling tix on Ebay...

Ken Dynamo said...

from SS's email today: "we should plan a Shea Stadium:Thanks for the memories drink and drug fest at one queens's shittest bars"

rockyourface said...

Yeah, just like you shat all over the 'Skins the last time they played. You and the rest of your faux-fireman cock sucking loser fans can all go circle jerk each other while wearing your Skrek ears and watching Chad struggle to throw a pass 15 yards downfield.

rockyourface said...

If Mets fans get laid more than 'Skins fans its because Mets fans are all a bunch of homos who are always frotting and sucking each others' jaggons.